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Need a quick Extra Cleaning that your insurance won't cover? We've got you covered! $50 Flat Fee.

Need INSTANT Teeth Whitening before that business meeting next week or the job interview in a couple days? No worries. $150 Flat Fee (requires a 1 hour in-office visit)

Want a quick polish, FLOSS & GO BEFORE your date night? $35 Flat Fee.

Introductory rate of $10/unit for first Botox Appointment. Normal rate $12/unit.

Laser Zap – get instant relief for that painful canker/cold sore! $95 Flat Fee. Remember that early detection is vital! Laser Therapy can dramatically reduce duration of the problem & effectively kills bacteria so you never get a cold/ canker sore in that same spot! Don't wait... call us TODAY (616) 607-8023 if you feel a cold sore or canker sore in your mouth!